About The Artist


Alan Izatt began drawing and sketching for fun back in grammar school. His earliest serious recollection of drawing was for a car design contest sponsored by Mr. Wally Parks, who ultimately became the president of the current, National Hot Rod Association, founded in 1951. “I didn't win any prizes, but did receive a letter of commendation about my entry. I want to believe that my design may have been used in the production model of the early Camaros”.

Alan’s interest in painting didn't become serious until he got out of the service in 1963, when he began to go to evening classes at the local arts and crafts facilities for the past 25 to 30 years.

Now fully retired, Alan paints 3 days a week at the local senior centers. “Even though these sessions are mostly self-teaching artist social events, we all seem to learn a lot from each other about techniques, methods and styles, and we get the opportunity to display our works at many of the local libraries and art council facilities.”

“It's a good feeling to be able to display our works, and to share them with all who appreciate our artwork, and perhaps inspire some folks to pick up a pencil, pen or brush and create some colorful crooked lines.”

Alan’s artwork is on exhibit at the Kent Memorial Library in Suffield, Connecticut from August 1 – 30.

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